Hell Awaits (Slayer cover) mp3 | aiff
Recorded in the loft - Portland, OR. Mastered at ATB Studios - Seattle, WA.
Noise tribute by Rock Stars Kill. Split vinyl with R. Jencks TBA 2011.

Info from the label:

rsk 003 - covered in blood / a noise tribute to slayer. 6 bands 6 min tracks 6 more reasons to yell FUCKIN SLAYER!!! books on tape format w slicing grandpa, dead!, blue sabbath black cheer, yokai no uta trio, penetration camp and scard. includes 8pg booklet and inverted cross, plus each cassette is splatter in real pigs blood!!! lmtd 50 copies $9.99














Relentless Erosion featuring Meriel Rose.
Recorded Spring of 2009 at ATB Studios - Seattle,WA.


The Static Hymnal 6 X c60 compilation.
Released by Factotum Tapes, Husk Records, and Hung Like a Horse?!
SCARD - Forever Loyal to Misery
Recorded Spring 2007 at the Rat Hole - Portland, OR.


Forever Loyal to Misery
Self-released cdr of the track appearing on the Static Hymnal.
Recorded Spring 2007 at the Rat Hole - Portland, OR.


Friday the 13th 2006, at the Someday Lounge - Portland, OR. video


Winter XXVI
Self-released cdr.
Recorded 2003 - 2006 throughout the Pacific Northwest. Mixed and mastered at ATB Studios - Seattle, WA.